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Ancestor Photo Gallery

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  • Awad family portrait 1946

    A 1946 family portrait from Deir Debwan Village near Ramallah Palestine. From right, standing, Abdelaziz Awad, the boy next to him Ahmad Awad, sitting on the chair Shonara Awad, baby Mayser Awad and left standing Fatima Awad.

  • Khoury and Shahin family 1940

    From left to right, bottom to top: Shehadeh khoury, Khoury Boulos Shahin, Ya'coob Khoury, Mitri Saleh, Abdallah Hanna, and Jarasimos Khoury. This famous photo of the Khoury Shahin Family from Birzeit was taken in 1940 around the time of the Arab Revolt in Palestine (1936-1939). Still immersed in the climate of the revolution, these educated members of this Arab Christian family showed their solidarity with one or more of the revolutionary Arab factions by adorning the headdresses known as Fez and Hatta and ‘Agaal.

  • Farah family photo 1910

    My uncle, Eissa Farah and his wife Sarah in Birzeit. Behind them is my father, John Farah and I believe the two ladies are Sarah's sisters. The year must be around 1910. After Eissa and my father came to the United States, they had a small argument. My uncle Eissa saw an attorney to change his name from F-A-R-A-H to F-A-R-R-A-H adding another "R" to the family name. Aunt Sarah passed away in 1948, Eissa in 1968, and my father, John died in an automobile accident in 1973.

  • Shomali family

    Five generations: Issa Costa, Rosa, Hanneh, George of Beit Sahour.

  • Hatem Muhtaseb in Al-Khaleel in 1955

    This picture was taken of my father when he was in high school in 1955. My father Hatem Almuhtaseb, born in 1937, was a revolutionary man who rejected the colonization of his land and was a commander in the Palestinian Popular Front in the Southern Region of Palestine. He was jailed by the Israelis several times and was tortured at one time for 87 consecutive days. May his soul rest in power, he passed on in 2008 and was buried in his beloved Palestine.

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